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DNA Testing Services

DNA Diagnostics is one of the UK's leading providers of private DNA testing services to the legal profession, county councils and individuals. Advances in genetics have made it possible to accurately answer a wide range of different questions that maybe disputed in a court of law.

Our confidential DNA testing services can be used to resolve disputed paternity, probate issues, or provide evidence of family relationships of those seeking entry rights into the UK. Our competitive price coupled with unrivalled service, reliability and professionalism enables DNA Diagnostics to be the UK’s leading DNA testing provider.

A DNA Test is a scientific process that can ensure positive identity. Our DNA Paternity test is the most accurate currently available and can prove identity or paternity with up to 99.999% accuracy. Our accurate resulting process provides us with a 100% track record for results standing up within a UK court.

A DNA Paternity Test is a simple collection process that can be carried out by our trained nurses in the privacy of your clients home after which the samples are analysed in our laboratory and the results returned confidentially. DNA Diagnostics offers a variety of DNA testing services.

Please download the DNA Diagnostics company brochure outlining our DNA testing services.

We re-examine all excluded test cases to make sure we give our customers their peace of mind

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ITV Granda is a DNA Testing Client
DNA Testing Client

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